Rafa Therapeutics & Abuelita Rosa Foundation

A Subsidiary Networks of:

Rafa House~ Mind & Bodyworks

Rafa House~ Mind & Bodyworks is a collective network of active community members, Independant Contractors, small businesses and other organizations bringing awareness to holistic healing in it’s various, unique forms & specialties. We address the mind, body, spirit health of individuals one-on-one first in our attempt to impliment healing throughout our communities as a whole by actively creating opportunities for people from every walk of life to be introduced to alternative holistic care & feasible ways of maintaining consistency in that care through our workshops, events, programs, Nutritious Needs Food Drive, and the Abuelita Rosa Foundation.


Rafa Therapeutics is an above standard quality of massage & bodywork team of therapists who address in-depth skeletal muscular root causes of pain & physical dysfunction. We specialize as grade-A rehabilitative therapy for Auto Accident Claims, and Workman’s Comp. We also accept payments through your medical insurance (F)lexible (S)avings (A)ccount debit card & offer exclusive member discounts making regular holistic maintenence feasible for everyone. Being conveniently housed in multiple locations throughout the Twin Cities in collaboration with other holistic health clinics, chiropractors, and alternative therapeutic bodyworkers, we are equipped to provide you with a specific service tailored to your healing needs & style

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Abuelita Rosa Foundation is an organization developed to provide holistic therapies to people with disabilities, the elderly, hospitalized and hospice patients who can greatly benefit from our services and care, but are unable to financially support it. We have experienced the power of healing touch first hand & the wonderful results it can bring, and believe that no person should be void of receiving the type of therapeutic care that can greatly increase the quality of the life of someone who suffers from chronic pain & illness. We believe that we are the keepers of our elders. In a busy society where our elders get forgotten we believe that we can bring back a meaningful touch that lets them know that they are still loved, and their sacrifices for our generation were not in vain. We believe that as people’s journey’s have reached their last days on earth, they deserve the comforts of a life well-lived. So we offer our services in love, and hope that you will find passion in our efforts, and join us in our determination to provide selfless Rafa House ~Mind & Bodyworks to those who need us most