Therapeutic Table Massages Minneapolis MN

Therapeutic Table Massages can range from a more gentle relaxation to a deep tissue massage depending on your personal preferences, tolerance, and needs.  We use Swedish strokes which is best-known in the west as our massage base, and incorporate other trained techniques as our professionals see needed.

Other Therapeutic Techniques May Include:

  • Compressions
  • Tapotement
  • Stretches
  • Rocking
  • trigger point
  • and joint movement

We realize each patient is unique and there is a variety of reasons they visit us for treatment. During your first session we at Rafa House sit down with you and find out your individual needs, then discuss an approach to healing your body and maintaining wellbeing. Some of the benefits of massages most individuals notice are:

  • Pain relief and management
  • Stress relief
  • Increased circulation
  • Improved range of motion and flexibility
  • Recovery from strenuous exercise
  • Increase in endorphins for improved mood
  • Deep relaxation

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Minnesota Medical Massages

At Rafa House we also offer medical massage which is the same care and treatment, just differing in that the patient has to pay for the treatment (it is NOT billed to insurance!). Medical Massages are tax exempt with chiropractic or medical doctors referral OR with Flexible Spending Account (FSA) payments.