Join The GypsyHood Tribe


Receive personal one-on-one astrological spiritual coaching on a monthly basis.  Learn to intuit your way through the tarot and planetary transits as you become familiar with your natal/progressed charts, and revolving energies.  Those who are already familiar with their charts will gain new insights, and understandings as they increase their perspective.  It's always nice to know someone's with you along your journey; a trusted voice that echos back your intuition to help you see clearly through the confusion and validate it with the heavens. During our time you can safely be vulnerable as you tap into the guidance and direction that Spirit has for you.  I utilize all my tools through this process as I help you tap into your unique spiritual purpose in a practical, tangible, metaphysical way.  Sessions are creatively and spiritually inspired, and are specific to you moment by moment, evolution by evolution. 

Memberships can be selected from 60min, 90min, and 120min per month.  Increased time allows for a more thorough, and diverse coaching session.  Sessions can be held in person, via phone, or video chat.

You will also be a part of our closed online group where you can meet the tribe, share yourself and your walk, participate in drawings, win extra products and services, gain extra support and inspiration.  

My Tool Box

The tools that I draw from are Astrology, Tarot, Destiny Cards, Reiki (short & long distance), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Karmic Cleansing, Menstrual Rituals & Relief Techniques, Essential Oils, Gemstones, and Prayer.  Manual Bodywork may be incorporated onsite only.   Everything is centered around a personalized astro theme.