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Infamous for results with her unique style of bodywork, and relevant readings, Rafa is an Orthopedic Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Astrologer, and Oracle Guide with 13 yrs of experience in the holistic healing industry.  She is known best for her ability to listen beyond words, see through her touch, and help the body naturally facilitate release, and recovery.  Master in her craft as  a hands on manual therapist, she has learned throughout the years the intricacy of mind, body, spirit connections, and how thoughts, beliefs, and emotions manifest in the body both positively, and negatively.  Incorporating psychological healing through Astrology, and Tarot/Oracle guidance, and tying it all up through Reiki Therapy, she brings DNA healing full circle in the lives of her clients! 

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Rafamama specializes in auto and work related injury rehabilitation. She also works with people suffering with disabilities: Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Paralysis, Scoliosis, Bells Palsy, head injuries, migraines, etc. She has worked with professional athletes from NBA, and NFL players to martial artists, and incorporates some of her own martial arts experience within her techniques. She offers therapeutic table massage, Thai style, Hot Stone,  Chair Massage, and Inversion Therapy.  Her technique combines Swedish, Deep Tissue, Compressions, Joint Movement/ROM, Stretches, and Trigger Point Therapy to restore alignment of the body from head to toe. In addition she has been trained as a level II Reiki practitioner, and utilizes her intuition to give you a unique individualized treatment. Her clients and patients have consistently noted that she is exceptional at finding and relieving all their problem areas, and providing the perfect level of pressure that hits that “sweet spot” tailored to their personal preferences.  Bring your body back to life with Rafamama!



 Rafamama's is an ordained minister with an astrological view of life, humanity, psychology, and spirituality.  Her unique approach to clinical astrology incorporates both psychological probing, and medical study, and research to help each client reach personal, business, health, and relationship goals.  Exploring first with her clients their identity, inner workings, strengths, and fears, she guides them through both preventative measures to avoid repetitive pitfalls, and practical life applications to empower them in their soul's mission purpose.  Utilizing her medical knowledge and comprehension while examining emotional triggers, and physical pain and dysfunction her clients receive a thorough, comprehensive mind, body, spirit analysis with holistic guidance to help them achieve ultimate self-actualization.  By integrating  tools such as Tarot and Oracle guidance, gemstone and sound therapy, and personalized essential oils based upon her clients health conditions, astro-chart, and current transits, she's able to empower her clients with tactical tools for holistic living.   Experience a life shift with Rafamama!