Medical studies

“A physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”  


My Story

"I'm passionate about Medical Astrology,  because it saved my life!  I've had on and off symptoms for 20yrs.  The doctor wrote off my kidney pain as severe gas that caused me to faint, but now I know it was adrenal fatigue (Mars squared Venus), and I've been able to take control of my health!"


Health reports

Astro-Med Health Report

Astro-Health Tools & Tips

Astro-Health Tools & Tips


Get a comprehensive written medical health report based on your natal or progressed chart.  This reading relates the planets to your physical body, and gives us a sneak peak into the relationship  between your organs, glands, and bodily systems.  

(4 units) includes a report on all the major planets, and Chiron. 

(8 units) includes the same +asteroids.  

Exact time of birth required*

Astro-Health Tools & Tips

Astro-Health Tools & Tips

Astro-Health Tools & Tips


Get a comprehensive written report with health tools and tips to help keep your body balanced and in order based upon your natal or progressed chart planets, zodiac, and elemental influences.  This report includes a list of correlating essential oils associated with your influences, nutrition, practices, meditations, and frequencies that will help shift the equilibrium of your holistic state of being.  

(4 units)