Public Speaking & Workshops

Child & Teen Workshops


*Minimum 8 Units*  This workshop is designed to teach all about the 12 houses of the zodiac, and their archetypes.  Through this study we provoke young minds to contemplate such things from identity, to values, partnership, community, and spirituality, etc.  Students will learn what their rising sign is, and how to draw up their own chart as an art project. 


Transit Talks


*Minimum 4 Units*  The planetary transits are constantly speaking Universal messages to us with a type of energetic morse code language.  It's our job to understand how to read and unscramble it all for ourselves because they hit us all differently in varied areas of our lives.  This transit talk helps the listener to tap into the Universal messages to identify how it applies to them specifically, and in relevant time to empower them through their walk.  

Discovering North Node & Chiron


*Minimum 4 Units*  Often times people fail to reach their spiritual destiny because they fall victim to their own spiritual wounds which is represented by Chiron, the wounded soldier.  Listeners will gain a new confidence and assurance as they discover their North Node, and see past the pitfalls of their Chiron to express themselves fully in the greatness of the I AM that I AM!

My Astro-Body


*Minimum 4 Units*  This talk will connect your physical senses to your astrological connections.  We will discuss the 12 signs of the zodiac, their bodily associations, how certain transits can trigger bodily reactions, and how to respond to them holistically.   

Partner Compatability


*Minimum 4 Units*  This partner's talk will focus on astrological compatibility which is important for foundational bonding and attunement with your partner.  It will also focus on incompatibilities because we all have them, and it will help the listeners to learn improved ways of relating to their partner based on shared synergy and understanding. This can also be selected as a private couples coaching.  

Rafa Therapy Workshop


*Minimum 4 Units*  This workshop is for couples or groups.  Participants will learn techniques from a master in the craft of therapeutic bodywork.  Each person will give and receive therapeutic touch, and be equipped to positively impact others in this way in the future.  (2 ppl max per $80/unit)

Do You Have A Special Topic Idea?

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We're happy to explore teaching topics that best accommodate your group!

Use of art, writing, and poetry can be incorporated to most topics for a diverse interactive, multi-dimensional, workshop experience.  

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