Astrology & Tarot Coaching

One Question Tarot


*1 unit*  Ask one question, or inquire about a singular topic: romance, career, finances, situational, or general guidance, and receive a link of your tarot/oracle reading  pre-recorded on video. 


Astro-Tarot Reading


*Minimum 2 Units* Gain intuitive insight and confirmation to your current circumstance, and clarity on how to proceed moving forward through the divinely inspired messages from tarot, and oracle cards which are rooted in pictography, numerology, and word/vibration. Gain an even deeper understanding with reflections on current astrological know how, references, and associations. 

Monthly Astro-Coaching


*Minimum 4 Units* Receive personal one-on-one astrological spiritual coaching on a monthly basis.  Learn to intuit your way through the tarot and planetary transits as you become familiar with your natal/progressed charts, and revolving energies.  Those who are already familiar with their charts will gain new insights, and understandings as they increase their perspective. 

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Natal Chart Reading


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Progressed Chart Reading


 Receive insight and guidance on how to navigate through current planetary transits, and how they influence your natal chart specifically. Learn to dominate every energy that comes your way when you know what to expect , and prepare for. *This reading is based off of estimated time of arrival vs. time of birth, and cannot be selected without purchasing a natal chart reading first.

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