Quantum Tuning


Reiki Infused Tuning Fork Therapy

This Reiki infused Tuning Fork Therapy session will enhance your state of being on a physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and vibrational level.  Sound frequencies  are said to stimulate points of the body similar to acupuncture without the needles.  Sound and vibration work on a cellular level both deep and superficial, cohesively harmonizing your physical water body, positively stimulating both lymph and nervous systems for optimal health!  This treatment is also amazing for healing acute injuries such as broken bones or sprained joints! Medical notes included with each session.  

Post Surgical Healing

Energy and vibrational sound therapies are an excellent, subtle, non-invasive yet powerful  and highly effective way to heal post surgerical or cancer treatment.  Because sound travels through water 4x faster than through air, the frequencies are  able to move stagnant or inflamed body fluids, soften and loosen scar tissue, and increase mobility.  This treatment comes highly recommended by doctors.  Please provide a written doctor's approval to begin post operative treatment with tuning forks.  

Planetary Tuning

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Chakra Tuning

Amplify, align, and balance your chakras with this amazing multi-faceted healing modality!  While tuning forks do have a significant and powerful effect on the physical body they also have a highly positive, and impactful effect on your energetic body as well; clearing energetic blockages caused by trauma, stress, grief, or lower vibrations that have become stagnant in the body, and amplifying the strength and power of your torus field!  When you strengthen your energetic body you also strengthen your mind, body, and spirit!  


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