Work Comp & Auto Injury Massage


An auto or work injury can throw your life, and your body out of wack!  It can effect your sleep patterns, your moods, and ability to think clearly.  Cortisol levels can remain high, effecting your nervous system, creating anxiety, and triggering inflammation.  Pain levels can make it feel harder to cope, and the appointments and phone calls you have to make regarding your injury are overwhelming.  You just want to feel better, and this is the best place for you!

We will address your treatment based upon an orthopedic perspective, addressing not only the muscles, but also the joints in order to improve and restore full range and functionality of the muscular skeletal system.  

We are also addressing human physiology, making positive impressions on the lymph, vascular, and nervous systems by opening up the flow in which the human body was intelligently designed.

In addition we influence the endocrine system as deep relaxation and pain relief greatly improves hormonal balance for all systems to work harmoniously.

You'll wish you came here first if you didn't.  The care you'll receive is personal, and effective.  Contact us today for your work comp or auto injury massage treatment.  

What's The Process?

Submit your claim information below, and we'll get back to you as soon as we're able to verify your claim through your adjuster.  Then we will call you to set up your treatment schedule, and talk about any other details.  

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Please submit the following information, and we will get your treatments started asap! Your name , address & phone #, Claim #, Date of Injury, Date of Birth, Insurer's name on policy, address & phone #, Insurance Company & Address, Adjuster's name & phone #, Referring Doctor's name, office name & phone #. If you need a referring doctor let us know, and we'll get you connected. Don't have all this information right now? That's ok. Email us what you have, and let's get you healing!

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